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We dream of living by the Mediterranean and the very thought of a life in the sun projects dreams of a wonderful future of health and happiness. 

Peace of mind is key to the enjoyment of the special lifestyle Spain has to offer and, beyond owning a dream home, those planning a move or spending months at a time here need to consider their healthcare. After all, you made the move and are enjoying the experience, so why let poor health management interfere with this wonderful life you have committed to.
The importance of making provision for regular checks, tests and preventative screening as you grow older becomes paramount as early detection is key to living longer and correctly managing or even avoiding a serious condition will mean you can enjoy the benefits of living in Spain for years to come.

The good news is that Spain´s Costa del Sol has an excellent choice of private medical clinics, surgeries and hospitals and very affordable medical insurances - often half the cost of the UK equivalent.

Some of our customers who enjoy spending longer periods of time in Spain actually arrive here when they need medical treatment. We see an increasing number of people choosing to take advantage of treatments under their Spanish medical insurance. After all, if you get to the time of life where a hip replacement is needed or perhaps a serious surgical procedure, then where better to recover than in the comfort of your Spanish home and enjoying a brighter sunnier path toward recuperation.

For private healthcare in Spain, there are two different types of medical insurance. The option you choose will depend very much on your lifestyle and below we provide some detail. Both options detailed below provide direct access to Specialists with no need for referrals or a permission from the Insurer and, guess what, Spain is the place in the world where a Private Healthcare Insurance is most affordable.


1. A Spanish private health insurance can be an insurance where you have freedom of choice to use any doctor you want anywhere in the world. This style of policy normally means you pay upfront for the treatment and make a claim to recover the costs.
 In Spain this type of medical policy is known as a Reembolso policy (reclaim policy). With this insurance, you can opt to use some of the best medical doctors and consultants wherever you are in the world and tailor your policy to reflect the high or low costs of the main countries you will travel to.


2. This is a very affordable insurance policy in Spain known as a medical network insurance. This is a policy where you always use a Doctor or Consultant that is affiliated with the medical insurer. With this policy there is no upfront payment you simply show a medical insurance card and receive treatment.
There are many insurers to choose from in Spain but be aware that man.y of the network insurances will include a lot of exclusions and some place low price limits on treatment. Despite this, there are a handful of Insurers who offer very good comprehensive medical cover and who carry a Category 1 rating for the highest levels of cover and least exclusions.


There has been an increase in Second Home owners seeking the Golden Visa or the NLV (non-lucrative visa)
We offer both types of policy (referred to above) and they can also be used in Spain for visa or residency applications because they comply with Spain´s strict requirements.
When choosing a medical insurance policy for residency you need to check that it has all the required parts that qualify it for a visa or residency application.

Criteria as follows:

1. Medical network across all of Spain.
2. Full Primary Care.
3. Full Specialists Care.
4. Hospitalization.
5. No copago. (no policy excess)
6. No limitation on treatment cost.
7. Policy must be Annually contracted/Annually renewable.

The policy to be presented at the Consulate must be a Spanish Insurance as the authorities do not accept foreign medical insurance even though the insurance you have may have worldwide cover.

The policy needs to be fixed annual term and normally they insist on proof that the full annual premium is paid up.

It is a requirement to produce a Certificate of Guarantee of cover to the Embassy or the Police authority as they generally do not want to be reading through policy documents at the appointment. The Certifcado de Garantias is a summary reflecting 1 to 7 above.

With modern technology, a medical insurance is simple to arrange and can be set up over the phone and can usually be signed by using online activation.

As with virtually all countries around the world, the State Health system here in Spain has been hit hard. At the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic the Spanish Public Health Authority announced that all non-essential healthcare treatments and surgeries were cancelled with immediate effect. All those people who had patiently waited for treatments were told they must restart the process when life returns to normal and to this day cancellation of non-life-threatening treatments and surgeries has been a common thread in the Spanish news media. 

Between 01 January 2021 and 31st July 2021 the Spanish press reported that over 570,000 further surgeries were being cancelled.

Many people planning to move here are already aware of the issues facing public health and for many of those who are planning to start working in Spain, or setting up a business, the decision has already been made to go for private medical care; simply for the peace of mind of knowing that this means they will receive faster and more efficient attention.

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain: Our agency provides our customers very detailed information regarding our insurance products both pre-policy and after arranging a policy where we continue to support our customers in assisting them to get the best out of their medical insurance.

Over the last 5 years we have assisted over 1900 people with advice on medical insurance for Visas and Spanish residency. Not all of these have signed up with us but we saw a good number of people who did not arrange their policy with us eventually return to us at renewal simply because they did not understand the policy they had taken up through their Spanish bank or agent because they found that Banks and many agents had no offer of support or ongoing assistance other than telling them to ring the dreaded call-centre.

Our customer support is very personal and we consider it to be the best in Spain. Don´t take our word for it take a look at the Google reviews for Tailor Made Healthcare Spain to see what our customers say about us.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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Francis Payne
Tailor Made Healthcare Spain

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